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11 Oct 2008

PNWJ Stirs It Up During 4-Day Concert Series@Kunitachi Peace Week!

Peace Not War Japan would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came out to our special 4-Day live concert series held September 25-28, 2008 at the super cool Chikyuya live house as part of Kunitachi Peace Week!

A total of 138 folks came out to see the gigs over the four days, which filled the house most nights (it's a cozy little space!). Thanks to everyone's warm support, we were able to raise a total of 82,867 yen in donations for the following four grassroots peace groups:

Collateral Repair Project (Group of Iraqi and U.S. citizens working to provide support for Iraqi refugees) (

※Kunitachi Peace Week (Yearly event bringing all sorts of peace to the streets of Kunitachi): (Japanese only)

※Stop Rokkasho (Citizens working to oppose the Aomori nuclear fuel reprocessing plant):

※Yanbaru Takae: Association to Protect the Broccoli Forest (Local movement to stop U.S. military construction in Okinawa's Yanbaru region): (J) (E)

Please find below a gallery of photos from the event, which included such highlights as renowned belly dancer Takada Akiko dancing on tables and simultaneously polishing off half a bottle of beer while shimmying *and* balancing a sword on her forehead; a whimsical rakugo performance from seventh generation performer Choukarou Baraku and his disciple Choukarou Miraku; and powerful, energetic performances from bands representing everything from reggae to funk to chindon (street protest music) to gorgeous acoustic ballads.

PNWJ extends a HUGE thanks to all of the artists for their time, energy and fabulous talents; Chikyuya for the space (and the awesome food and drinks!), and all supporters for making this event such a great success!! A great article about the event
(as well as Peace Not War Japan's work overall) may be found in the online Japanese-
language journal "Web Dice" here.

Stay tuned for info about PNWJ's upcoming peace, music and eco festival to take place in Yoyogi Park next April!!


☆ Ichikawa Michihisa Session


☆Takada Akiko

☆Choukarou Baraku 

Choukarou Miraku




☆Philip Woo Band


☆PNWJ goods booth

☆Folks enjoying the show!


Blogger Globalism said...

Congratulations to all involved for what looks like a fantastic week of peace and music! Good job on the Web Dice article too.

Naturally, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to be there myself but it looks like everyone did a fabulous job. Well done for all those funds raised.

Roll on Yoyogi Park!

19 October 2008 20:28  

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