Japan Peace Links

Here follows a series of links to Japanese groups involved in peace work. We have divided the groups into three main categories based upon the three concepts of our name: Peace, Not War, and Japan. Each category also contains a series of subcategories listed by subject, under which the individual organizations are then listed.

Some of these groups are large and well established, while others are small and still developing. PNWJ does not currently have a working relationship with many of the listed groups, although we do aim to develop relations with some of them in the future (as well as with others presently not yet listed).

As with PNW (UK), we support and aim to help fund non-violent groups working to end war and create global peace.

This page will grow to provide more information about the range of the current Japanese peace movement. To recommend a Japanese peace group, please email to: info[at]pnwj.org.