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Sounds Phenomenal Recordings

2003 saw the first three releases, issued simultaneously and in a very limited run, on Sounds Phenomenal Recordings. By clicking on the CD covers, you can go through to the individual pages for The Zamora, Quagga and Control K held on this site, that hold examples of music from the respective albums and include lyrics, photographs and more artwork from each release.

After Sounds Phenomenal's relocation to Tokyo in September of 2003, the first Control K album was returned to. The music was reworked and remixed, and the artwork was completely overhauled. The finished product, 'The Front Line (Redux)', was finally released online in the summer of 2005. This is now the first commercial release for SPR. Further information about it is available on the Control K page. Control K can also be found on MySpace.

In conjunction with Dynastic Records in Tokyo, the compilation album 'Peace Not War Japan' was produced and released in 2006. It was the first charitable collection of modern Japanese anti-war music, and featured a selection of Japan's finest protest acts. The CD included tracks from Soul Flower Union, Ryukyu Underground, Dry & Heavy and Kotobuki. Samples from the collection can be heard at the online jukebox on the Peace Not War Japan (PNWJ) website.

On the 27th anniversary of John Lennon's death, the latest SPR release was issued, 'Best Before End' by Shelf Life. The disc was produced in Taiwan and released locally in Tokyo. Shelf Life started at a bar/live house in Kokubunji, Western Tokyo, called Rubber Soul. The album features songs written by SP proprietor Dom Pates and Rubber Soul owner plus PNWJ contributor Cheryo, and is the band's debut album. 

'Best Before End' gained an iTunes release in 2008, SPR's first move into digital distribution. The links to the tracks can be found on Shelf Life's MySpace page. As SPR moves into online sales, stay tuned for more new music!

Dom Pates

The Zamora - Pigeon Souvenirs Quagga - When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Control K - The Front Line

Control K - The Front Line (Redux) SPRCD003.2

Various Artists - 'Peace Not War Japan' DY 0602 (issued in Japan only, by Dynastic Records) Shelf Life - 'Best Before End' SPRCD004



Sounds Phenomenal, 2003-2008